Part no. 26711 is a kind of JIC female with 74 degrees cone seat. Our part no.s are in line with Winner(Eaton as well) standard. For other brands like Manuli or Parker, we can figure out with our items to quote prices. Hose Fittings are made from carbon steel #45 or stainless steel if required. And sizes showed on technical data table are regularly produced.


Материал: въглеродна стомана
Техника: Ковачевски
Място на произход: Китай (материк)
Model Number:26711
Марка: YH
Връзка: Жена
Форма: Намаляване
Код на главата: шестоъгълник
Application:Oil Gas Water Industrial
Thread:JIC 3/4*16
Quality control::100% inspection
Product name:Hydraulic fitting
Surface treatment:Yellow Zinc/Plating Zinc

Таблица с технически данни



螺纹 E


公 称 内径 DN标 号 DASH° СS1
26711-04-047/16 "X206048.517
26711-05-041/2 "X206049.519
26711-05-051/2 "X208059.519
26711-06-049/16 "X186041019
26711-06-059/16 "X188051019
26711-06-069/16 "X1810061019
26711-08-063/4 "X1610061124
26711-08-083/4 "X1612081124
26711-08-10 3/4 "X1616101124
26711-10-06 7/8 "X1410061127
26711-10-08 7/8 "X1812081127
26711-10-10 7/8 "X1816101127
26711-10-12 7/8 "X1820121127
26711-12-081.1 / 16 "X12120813.532
26711-12-101.1 / 16 "X12161013.532
26711-12-121.1 / 16 "X12201213.532
26711-12-161.1 / 16 "X12251613.532
26711-14-121.3 / 16 "X12201214.536
26711-16-121.5 / 16 "X12201214.541
26711-16-141.5 / 16 "X12221414.541
26711-16-161.5 / 16 "X12251614.541
26711-16-201.5 / 16 "X12322014.541
26711-20-161.5 / 8 "X12251615.550
26711-20-201.5 / 8 "X12322015.550
26711-24-201.7 / 8 "X12322018.555
26711-24-241.7 / 8 "X12402418.555
26711-32-322.1 / 2 "X12503224.575

нашите услуги

Our services and certificates:
Our QC procedure:
As we had more than 5 professional and technical personal, they ensure 100% products checking.
1. Material checking: strictly control of material using, meet international requested standards;
2. semi-finished products inspection: product inspection before 100% finished ;
3. production line test: with work team or data engineer who will inspect matchines and lines at fixed period.
4. finished prodcuct inspection: quality and property test before products are plated zinc, packed and loaded.
Shipping & Service:
1. Orders will be dispatched around in 30 days after payment, depending on quantities.
2. Ние винаги избираме най-икономичната и надеждна компания за доставка, за да сме сигурни, че получавате стоките навреме.
3. The tracking number will be provided to you once the consignment is shipped
4. Професионално обслужване на клиенти, за да отговори на вашите въпроси или да отстрани проблеми, свързани с вашата поръчка.


Q. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a manufacturer as you can see our workshop as above.
Q. what is your payment term?
A:Normally T/T 30% in advance, balance to be paid before delivery.
Q: what is your main market?
A:North America,Greenland,South America,Africa,Southeast Assia, Former Soviet Republics ,East Assia,and Europe.
Q: Can I place sample order to your factory?
A: Yes, Samples can be provided..
Q:What kind of trade terms can you do?
Q:What is Trade Assurance?
A:Trade Assurance is a free service by Alibaba.com that’s designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers. Trade Assurance helps buyers in the event of shipping and quality-related dispute.
Q:Does Trade Assurance charge fees?
A:No. Trade Assurance is free for both buyers and suppliers.